What Are Common Mistakes In Electric Unicycles? 8 Issues & Solutions

If you are looking for a vehicle to travel a short distance, nothing is better than an electric unicycle, also called EUC or E-unicycle.

With this vehicle, you can move from this place to another quickly and with little physical exertion.

These vehicles are an improvement above the more conventional manual or human-powered bikes.

Also, E-unicycles bring various benefits for health and the environment, so it’s worth getting one.

Before learning how to ride this unique bike, it’s best to know what issues to avoid. So, what are common mistakes in electric unicycles?

Let’s dive into this post to discover!

What Are Common Mistakes In Electric Unicycles?

You may encounter annoying issues if you have used E-unicycles for a long time. However, you may not know the causes of these problems, such as

  • Cut-off
  • Electrical shock
  • Not running after starting
  • Drain quickly
  • Not charging
  • Noise from the wheel
  • Slow speed
  • Hot temperature

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How To Prevent Cut-Off On An Electric Unicycle?

What is the cut-off? This term describes a condition in which an electric unicycle cannot maintain an upright posture and self-balance.

It is one of the irritating issues that even experienced riders are afraid of. Why does it happen on an electric unicycle?

Below are the common causes:

  • Surpass the device’s top speed
  • Accelerate too fast on your EUC while the battery is low
  • Ride in wet conditions and water ingress damage the E-unicycle board
  • The wheel crashes, losing the primary wire connection
  • The mainboard overheats and fails after making a lengthy, steep ascent
  • Move too swiftly down steps, causing the wheel to have minimal contact with them, and rotating too rapidly
  • Mechanical breakdown of critical elements

If you have encountered this mistake but don’t know what to do, let’s consider the following preventive measures:

  • Watch for warning sounds and listen carefully in noisy settings.
  • Periodically monitor the condition of your batteries and your speed.
  • Observe the tilt back, which is intended to alert the rider to move slowly or accelerate.
  • Before starting a long trip, fully charge the vehicle.
  • Stay off the roads when it’s raining or has other bad weather.
  • If possible, ride slowly and prevent continual and severe torquing, leaping, and speeding.
  • Maintain your E-unicycle.

If you want more tips to address this issue, you can watch this video:

Cut-off issue
Cut-off issue

How To Prevent Electrical Shock? Electric Unicycles Safe Tip

An electrical shock may happen on your E-unicycle when you ride it in wet conditions.

Luckily, most electric unicycles come with water protection to avoid electrical shock.

Besides, these vehicles also feature an ingress protection (IP) rating to evaluate the electrical enclosures’ conditions from moisture.

The practical solution to prevent electrical shock on EUCs is to avoid riding them in wet conditions.

Furthermore, you can waterproof your vehicle for more safety. Consider these recommendations:

  • Use fenders to keep water from splashing onto the battery and motor.
  • Spray a waterproof solution on the motherboard and leave it for a day. This way, you can repel the water to reach the board.
  • It’s best not to use EUCs on rainy days.
Electric shock
Electric shock

Why Can’t The Electric Bike Run After Starting?

The flat or low battery power can cause your vehicle not to work correctly after starting.

Placing your EUC in a place too cold or hot when charging the batteries is a typical error many riders make, resulting in inadequate power to recharge the battery.

Next, check the battery connecting lines that supply electricity from the batteries to the E-unicycle throttle control, computer, and motor.

These connections may become loose when cycling over uneven terrain or putting your vehicle away after your trip.

The best option is to begin at the lithium battery and work through all the lines until you reach the connections.

Not running after starting.
Not running after starting.

Electric Unicycles Fully Charged, Quickly Drained Battery

First and foremost, a damaged cell or a cell group in the battery is the primary cause of the E-unicycle battery draining quickly.

To address this issue, you must measure the voltage of each cell group with a voltmeter to identify the damaged ones.

Moreover, when the battery management system can’t read the cell voltage accurately, it will shut down the battery rapidly, causing it to drain abnormally.

Besides, riding your EUC in hot weather may affect the ion movement in the battery cells, challenging the chemical process inside.

As a result, the duration of a charging time decreases. Thus, the battery management system shuts the battery down when it’s hot inside.

The best way to solve this problem is to reset or replace the battery management system.

Drain quickly
Drain quickly

Not Charging

After a specific time of use, your EUC may have issues related to charging. If that’s the case, here are some solutions:

  • Check the charger first. It’s probably a charger problem if none charge fully. It’s best to try another piece of equipment first, then open your wheel.
  • Charge each pack separately. If another charges at 100%, the second is probably broken and requires repair or replacement.

Note: Ride your wheel only after you have identified the issue.

Wheels Make A Noise

You must check the problem as soon as your EUC produces strange noises.

If your wheel hub is making a lot of noise or creaking, your E-unicycle motor may have damaged bearings.

Getting the unicycle checked for damage or inadequate lubrication is vital if you detect this symptom before trying to ride it again because it might result in accidents if used constantly.

Additionally, the excessive movement caused by improperly balanced axle bolts/nuts is what you hear when riding.

Regularly inspecting and lubricating all axle bearings using light oil is one preventive action that might help solve this issue.

Another solution you should do to reduce the damage to the bearings is to ensure you inflate your EUC properly.

Make noise
Make noise

The Speed Is Slow

Several factors determine the speed of E-unicycles, as shown below:

Wheel size

The heights of EUCs are different, depending on the wheel size. Typically, the tire size of these vehicles ranges from 12, 14, 16, and 18 inches.

Bigger wheels can cover more surfaces when riding. While you can move more quickly with these sizes, it’s challenging to handle if you are a beginner.


Flat surfaces allow for faster speeds than biking over mountains or rough terrains.

Your EUC can easily reach its top speed on a level, smooth surface since there are fewer distractions there.


Your weight undoubtedly affects your riding speed. If you are heavier, you will require more power to accelerate.

Heavy riders put more pressure on the EUC motor, causing slower speed to these vehicles than lightweight people.

If you want to improve the speed of your E-unicycle, it’s best to select the type that is suitable for your body weight.

EUC Is Hot

This problem is not as dangerous as an exploding battery, but you may fall off and partially cause damage to the electric unicycle battery.

Thus, you must check your EUC application’s temperature rating before riding your vehicle according to that setting.

There are several strategies to ride in hot conditions while maintaining a cool temperature for your E-unicycle.

  • Purchase a vehicle with a powerful fan. Instead of swishing the heated air about the casing, the fan must vent it.
  • Avoid ascending hills, especially prolonged slopes, and hills with red lights.
  • It’s likely your best course of action if you can travel at moderately high speed with several airflows.
  • When traveling at faster speeds, the vehicle temperature may remain remarkably low if you can maintain its sipping power.
  • Avoid harsh stops and pauses. After a few minutes at a halt, even E-unicycles equipped fans will become very hot.
  • To lessen the heat amount, you must discharge at any given pace and try sitting on your EUC.
  • Purchase a white EUC if you can. Compared to white unicycles, black versions get significantly hotter in the summertime.
The E-unicycle is hot
The E-unicycle is hot

Insurance For Riding An Electric Unicycle

The answer varies, depending on the type of insurance you want to take out!

For instance, according to the Motor Liability Insurance Act, E-unicycles don’t belong to the motor vehicle category. Therefore, you can’t get motor liability insurance.

However, it’s possible to take out optional insurance coverages, including third-party liability and accident insurance.

Accident insurance provides additional financial protection when you experience an unexpected, eligible accident.

You receive money from it to pay for any additional out-of-pocket costs related to your accident.

EUC Insurance Against Theft Or Accidental Damage?

If your EUC has been stolen, insurance covers the cost of the damage. You will get the value agreed upon and concluded in the contract for the first three years.

Due to the coverage’s 24/7 validity, you will also be compensated if your vehicle is taken at night.

Considering the price of bike insurance can help you decide whether full coverage is cost-effective.

It undoubtedly isn’t worth getting insurance if you have an outdated, basic E-unicycle.

In A Nutshell

What are common mistakes in electric unicycles? After using your vehicle for a while, it may show errors:

  • Cut-off
  • Electrical shock
  • Not running after starting
  • Drain quickly
  • Not charging
  • Noise from the wheel
  • Slow speed
  • Hot temperature

We explain these issues and recommend solutions. Check your EUC and determine whether it works properly.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!