How Do I Protect My Electric Unicycle? 5 Must-Try Methods With Electric Unicycles

Think of a vehicle that is stylish, portable, and eco-friendly. Nothing can beat an electric unicycle in this regard.

However, it may degrade over time, demanding you to keep it safe from damage.

How do I project my electric unicycle? We have received many questions like this, so we came up with a guide to help you handle it.

Let’s scroll down to see what we suggest!


How Do I Protect My Electric Unicycle?

You can protect your electric unicycle (EUC) by covering certain vulnerable parts with duct tape, car door edge protectors, sandpaper, unicycle condoms, or table edge guards.

EUCs are small, so the coverage task will take little time. There are two kinds of coverage, referring to two levels of protection for your vehicle.

Light protection

Light protection can help you safeguard some parts of your vehicle. You have three options in this regard:

  • Duct tape

You can avoid minor scratches on your EUC by covering the pedals’ non-footing areas with duct tape. Doubling the tape layers will increase the protection.

If you worry about your EUC getting ugly, try to create interesting patterns from the tape. Using your favorite color is also a good idea.

  • Car door edge protector

EUCs are heavy, so the cushion holders will contact the ground first. You can use car door edge covers to shield the edges of the holders to minimize their damage.

  • Sandpaper

The footing part of the electric unicycle is sandpaper. To maintain its paper-like look and improve its traction, clean it with sandpaper, disc cleaner, or an abrasive belt regularly.

Light protection deals with some parts of your EUC
Light protection deals with some parts of your EUC

Heavy protection

If you want to safeguard the whole EUC or the most vulnerable parts of it, go for these solutions:

  • Unicycle condom

Unicycle condoms can avoid more than half of impact cracks and scars. Bear in mind, though, that your EUC may fall on a section that the condom can’t cover.

  • Table edge guards

Table edge guards are a reliable method to keep your EUC safe when practicing or performing tricks. The guards can cover all the problematic components that are susceptible to breaking, including handlebars and headlights.

Their puffy appearance may affect the techno-chic aesthetic of EUCs, which is their only drawback.

Safeguard the whole EUC and the most vulnerable components
Safeguard the whole EUC and the most vulnerable components

Are Electric Unicycles Waterproof?

Most electric unicycles come with some measure of water protection, but it doesn’t mean that they are waterproof. So, it’s best to avoid traveling in the rain. (Check safety tips for riding EUC in the rain here)

Electric unicycles often include a protected motherboard and battery that can tolerate light rain. Hence, you don’t have to worry about puddles.

When it’s raining, ride slowly to reduce the centrifugal force of debris being swept around the body’s interior. Yet, the rain may pour from above and leak into the motherboard.

By covering it with a bag, you may save your vehicle if you accidentally get caught in a heavy downpour. This tip is about preventing water from leaking in.

Electric unicycles are not waterproof
Electric unicycles are not waterproof

How To Store An Electric Unicycle Correctly?

Storing is an important part of protection. Here are some ideas for storing your EUC to keep it in good shape and make it ready to use whenever you want:

  • Keep the bike in a dry, cool setting. Extreme temperatures will damage its battery.
  • If you must keep it outside, use a tarp to cover it from external elements.
  • Never put your EUC in a garage since there will be a fire risk. You should know 3 effective ways to stop a EUC fire.
  • Charge your bike fully before placing it in storage to optimize battery life.
  • Routinely check that your EUC is still functioning and charging effectively.

Can You Ride An Electric Unicycle Drunk?

No. Drunk driving is illegal for all vehicles, even if it’s an electric unicycle because you are not in a safe mode when intoxicated.

Alcohol consumption might push you to speed up uncontrollably, increasing the likelihood of accidents and injuries to your body and vehicle.

The fines and punishments may vary depending on the regulations of your state. However, it’s a common rule to prohibit drunk driving.

Do Unicycles Have A Weight Limit?

No. Although we can’t technically guarantee that a unicycle won’t break whilst in use, there are specific recommendations for this case.

Unicycles come in different sizes and styles. Hence, you have more choices to fit your weight. For example, if you are heavier than 12 stone, a trainer unicycle with a strong hub and big saddle will be your best bet.

On the other hand, electric unicycles have more recommendations for their weight capacity and are about motor power.

For example, a 1200W motor can handle a weight of up to 198 lbs, while a 2,000W model carries 220 lbs.

There are solutions for your weight
There are solutions for your weight

Best Brands Of Unicycles

There are many options to consider. We suggest choosing the best brand based on the type of unicycle. Here are our recommendations.

Commute unicycles

The greatest long-distance unicycle options are those from Kris Holm. The brand has all excellent unicycles with high-quality components. Some come with handlebars, but most have their handlebars separate.

Freestyle unicycles

Freestyle unicycles must be 20 inches wide, with white tires and short cranks. You can find such products from Club, a famous brand for lightweight unicycles.

Mountain unicycles

Nimbus produces highly sturdy models, making it one of the best choices in this category. You can also find excellent commute and freestyle unicycles from this brand.


The best way to protect your EUC is to cover it with a protective layer, such as duct tape or a unicycle condom. There are also other coverage options for certain parts of the bike.

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn more about EUCs. If you need more information to keep it in its peak condition, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for reading!