How do I Keep My Electric Unicycles from Being Stolen?

Hey, how’s it going, folks? Today, I’m here to talk to you about a problem that many of us electric unicycle enthusiasts face: theft. That’s right, there are thieves out there who want nothing more than to steal your prized possession, and it’s up to you to stop them.

In this blog post, I’m going to give you some practical tips and advice on how to keep your electric unicycles from being stolen. So, let’s get started.

What are the major causes of theft for electric unicycles?

Electric unicycle theft is a major concern for riders and owners of these unique personal transport vehicles. Theft is a major problem for many electric unicycle owners, as the small size and light weight of the unicycle make it more vulnerable to theft.

The major causes of theft can be broadly categorized into external and internal factors. Externally, theft can be caused by a lack of security measures, such as using a weak or poorly designed lock or leaving the unicycle unattended in a public area.

Internally, theft can also be caused by faulty or inadequate security features, such as a weak alarm or limited tracking capabilities.


How do I keep my electric unicycles from being stolen?

First things first, let’s talk about prevention. There are a few things you can do to make your electric unicycle less attractive to would-be thieves.

Locking Mechanisms and Strategies:

One of the most effective ways to prevent theft is to use a locking mechanism. There are many different types of locks available, and each has its pros and cons.

If you’re looking for the most secure option, a chain lock is your best bet. When choosing a lock, it’s important to consider the size and weight of your electric unicycle, as well as the level of security you require.

After you’ve chosen a lock, the next step is to use it effectively. Many people make the mistake of locking their electric unicycle to a nearby object without considering how easily it can be removed.

It’s important to choose a sturdy, immovable object, such as a bike rack or a post. Make sure to lock both the wheel and the frame, as some thieves may try to remove the wheel to get at the frame.

Location Strategies:

Another important factor to consider is where you park your electric unicycle. If possible, it’s best to keep it indoors or in a secure storage area. If you have to park it outside, make sure to choose a well-lit, high-traffic area.

Thieves are less likely to target a crowded area where they may be seen. If you’re out and about, never leave your electric unicycle unattended, even for a few minutes. It only takes a few seconds for a thief to snatch your ride and disappear.

Accessories and Customizations:

Another way to deter thieves is to customize your electric unicycle. This can make it more identifiable and less attractive to thieves.

For example, you could add some stickers or decals to make it stand out from other electric unicycles. You could also add a unique accessory, such as a brightly colored seat or handlebars.

It’s also a good idea to invest in accessories such as alarms or GPS trackers. These can alert you if someone tries to steal your electric unicycle and can help you locate it if it’s stolen. Just be aware that these accessories can be expensive, so it’s important to consider the cost versus the benefit.

Customize your electric unicycle
Customize your electric unicycle

What are the best types of locks to use for electric unicycles?

Now, when it comes to locking your electric unicycle, you want to make sure you have a sturdy and reliable lock. The best types of locks to use for electric unicycles are cable locks, U-locks, and heavy-duty chain locks.

Cable locks are typically lightweight and flexible, making them an ideal choice for electric unicycles since they can be easily wrapped around the frame and wheel. U-locks are popular among electric unicycle owners because they offer a high level of security and are difficult to cut through with bolt cutters. Heavy-duty chain locks are also a good choice, especially if you need to secure your unicycle to a larger object like a bike rack or lamppost.

Additionally, there are also new technologies such as GPS tracking and RFID chips that are being implemented in electric unicycles to provide an extra layer of security and make it easier to locate stolen unicycles.

Whatever type of lock you choose, be sure to always use it when your electric unicycle is not in use. This will help to ensure that you can safely and securely protect your electric unicycle from thieves.

Additionally, make sure to choose a lock that is certified by organizations such as the Sold Secure or ART Foundation. These organizations test locks to ensure they meet their security standards, so you can be sure you’re investing in a high-quality and theft-resistant lock.

Finally, always remember to register your electric unicycle with your local police department so that it can be easily identified in the event of a theft. These steps will help to ensure that you can have peace of mind when you’re riding your electric unicycle.

What should I do if my electric unicycle is stolen?

If your electric unicycle is stolen, there are a few things you should do to increase your chances of recovering it. First, report the theft to the police as soon as possible. Make sure you have your unicycle’s serial number and any other identifying information on hand.

This will make it easier for the police to track down your stolen property. You should also check online marketplaces like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone is trying to sell your stolen unicycle.

How can I deter thieves from targeting my electric unicycle?

Prevention is always better than cure, and there are several things you can do to make your electric unicycle less attractive to potential thieves. One strategy is to customize your unicycle with unique accessories or modifications. This can make it harder for thieves to sell your stolen unicycle on the black market.

You should also consider using an alarm system or GPS tracker to deter thieves from even attempting to steal your unicycle. Finally, always be aware of your surroundings when riding your electric unicycle in public. Avoid leaving your unicycle unattended for long periods of time, and be wary of anyone who seems to be taking an unusual interest in your unicycle.


Here are some frequently asked questions related to electric unicycle theft:

How can I tell if my unicycle has been stolen?

If you are unable to find your electric unicycle in the place where you left it, it may have been stolen. You should also check for any signs of forced entry or damage to the lock or other security features.

What should I do if my electric unicycle is stolen?

If your electric unicycle has been stolen, you should report the theft to the police immediately. Provide as much detail as possible, including the make and model of your unicycle, its serial number, and any distinguishing features. You can also try using a GPS tracking device if you have one installed.

Can I insure my electric unicycle against theft?

Yes, many insurance companies offer coverage for electric unicycles. You should check with your insurance provider to see if they offer this type of coverage and what the requirements are.

What is the best way to secure my electric unicycle?

The best way to secure your electric unicycle is by using a combination of locking mechanisms, location strategies, and GPS tracking devices. Make sure to use a high-quality lock and secure your unicycle in a safe and visible location.

How can I make my electric unicycle less attractive to thieves?

You can make your electric unicycle less attractive to thieves by customizing it with unique accessories and by using anti-theft measures such as alarms or GPS tracking devices. You should also be mindful of where you ride and store your unicycle.


In conclusion, electric unicycle theft is a growing problem that requires careful attention and preparation. By using a combination of locking mechanisms, location strategies, and GPS tracking devices, you can significantly reduce the risk of theft and protect your investment.

Remember to always lock your unicycle when not in use, secure it in a safe and visible location, and customize it with unique accessories to make it less attractive to thieves. And, of course, be sure to report any thefts to the police and your insurance provider.

By following these simple steps and staying aware of your surroundings, you can enjoy the many benefits of electric unicycles without the worry of theft. And as always, feel free to share your own tips and experiences in the comments section below.