Does Riding An Electric Unicycle Burn Calories? You Might Be Surprised About Burned Calories Unicycling

An excellent summertime pastime is riding an electric unicycle. Since an electric motor powers them, they are simple to operate and allow unlimited riding.

The best thing is that these E-unicycles have a maximum speed of 15 mph, making them ideal for extended commutes across the city and on hiking routes.

These vehicles run on electricity, so they don’t need much physical effort. Therefore, you can ride all day without feeling fatigued.

Does riding an electric unicycle burn calories? The short answer is yes. These EUCs pose certain benefits for the rider’s health.

Let’s dive into the article to solve this question and explore everything related to this vehicle!

Is Riding An Electric Unicycle A Great Workout That Builds Core Muscle?

Riding an electric unicycle is a good workout because when you balance your EUC and do carving turns, you need the energy to perform these tasks.


In these cases, various muscle groups in your body also work, especially calf muscles, Latissimus dorsi, and core.

E-unicycles may help you improve your muscles and encourage mobility if you reach old age.

Besides, riding these vehicles is also a beneficial workout for coordination as you must use various skills, especially balance.

Unicycle is a workout
The unicycle is a workout

Does An Electric Unicycle Help You Lose Weight? How Many Calories Do You Burn When Riding An EUC?

EUCs can burn calories and support weight loss when combined with other physical activities like jumping.

When you ride a EUC, you may burn about 300 to 400 calories/hour with a distance of about 15 km, depending on your body weight.

You can certainly reduce some pounds thanks to this activity. Throughout the whole riding experience, you use almost your lower half body part.

It’s a good idea to combine riding a EUC with jumping to make it a cardio workout to burn more calories.

This way, you will have to use more energy than usual since you struggle with heavier wheels or even road conditions.

Moreover, lifting, bending, and balancing while using a wheel unquestionably benefits your mental well-being and increases calorie expenditure.

Several riders claim that they lose considerable body weight without adjusting their diet thanks to riding a EUC.

If you spend enough time on this vehicle and have a healthy diet, you can quickly lose weight or keep fit.

Don’t let your weight limit your fun! Let’s explore our guide on the “Top 7 Electric Unicycles For Heavy Riders” and find the perfect electric unicycle that can support your weight while offering a smooth and enjoyable ride.

It can burn calories
It can burn calories

Can Riding Electric Unicycles Improve Your Health And Core Muscle Strength?

The short answer is yes! Riding an electric unicycle can improve your health.

While riding on an electric unicycle won’t reduce as many pounds as when you perform high-intensity workouts, it can bring various health benefits.

Your heart rate will increase when you sit and stand on your EUC. Thus, it is an excellent way to improve cardiovascular health.

While you don’t need to use your legs to cycle your vehicle, you still need the help of the muscle groups of the legs to stay balanced, which builds your lower-leg strength when you ride.

Riding E-unicycles also generates Endorphins. They are chemicals produced by the body to reduce stress and pain. They have a similar mechanism of action to opioids.

It offers health benefits.
Unicycling offers health benefits.

Should I Ride On A Unicycle Before Learning How To Use An Electric Unicycle?

You can practice with a unicycle if necessary. However, knowing how to balance your EUC is very important. It’s advisable to start with a regular bike.

If you’ve never ridden an electric unicycle, starting with a standard two-wheeled bicycle is a good idea.

The most straightforward approach to start is to hop on/off your EUC with only one leg, then progressively move up to stand on it while balancing.

You should contact professionals for tips to master this vehicle faster. You can also watch this video to get helpful tips.

Getting the right and high-quality equipment is a consideration for an easier and better experience.

What Size Electric Unicycle Should I Start With?

If it’s your first time using a EUC, it’s advisable to select the versions featuring 16-inch wheels.

The 18-inch wheels are larger and more robust to absorb bumps. However, these types are relatively heavy and challenging to handle.

On the other hand, while the wheel sizes 12 and 14 inches are nimble, they may be hard for you to balance.

For all these reasons, the optimal size for novice EUC riders should be wheels at 16 inches.

Besides, ten and 12-inch wheels are suitable for teenagers and kids. Adults should choose wheels with 14 to 16 inches for better maneuvering.

After you master this vehicle and can stand on it, you can consider the size of 18 to 24-inch wheels.

You must be aware that if your EUC is heavy, it can move quickly. However, controlling your vehicle at slow speeds may be challenging.

Select the right size
Select the right size

What Should You Budget For An Electric Unicycle?

An electric unicycle may range from $300 to $2000. Depending on your budget, preference, and purpose, you should select the most affordable variety.

The price of these vehicles varies due to various factors, as shown below:

Battery Capacity

The battery is among the most costly components of a EUC. The vehicle needs more cells to run if the capacity and voltage are higher.

Don’t opt for cheap models with the lowest range if you want to go further.

The Motor

This part is fundamental to a EUC and acts among the factors affecting these vehicles’ prices.

A stronger motor will allow the EUC to manage unanticipated obstacles and poor riding postures before an accident occurs.


The products from famous brands are undoubtedly more expensive since they come with the latest designs and upgrades. If you get the models from big names, you will have to pay an extra $500.

In A Nutshell

Does riding an electric unicycle burn calories? Yes! It’s a good workout to expend calorie intake combined with jumping to work as a low-impact cardio.

Moreover, it will benefit heart health, muscle strength, mobility improvement, and weight loss. If you have further questions, please comment below!

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