Are Electric Unicycles Self-Balancing? How do you balance on an electric unicycle?

New personal vehicles called electric unicycles (EUCs) or E-unicycles are becoming increasingly well-liked.

Electric unicycles are regarded as the most unusual form of personal transportation and provide a fresh, enjoyable, and unique experience.

Unicycles typically feature portability and have one wheel, a battery, an electric engine, and pedals.

Contrary to other means of personal transportation, learning to ride a unicycle is not relatively simple.

Riders must focus on using their weight to steer and guide it in the right direction at the appropriate speed.

Are electric unicycles self-balancing? This article will discuss this question. Let’s dive into it to know the answer!


Are Electric Unicycles Self-Balancing?

Most EUCs can balance themselves because they come with built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes to maintain their equilibrium while moving.

These components monitor fluctuations in the balance of the vehicles to guarantee vertical control. They can track changes in the rider’s gravity center.

Like the Segway, EUC is mainly controlled by the rider’s motions, which also determine the wheel’s direction and speed.

The device moves or slows down in response to forward and backward leaning. It has a top speed of 20 mph.

Like driving a skateboard, you can tilt it to the right or left by shifting your body weight with your feet.

On the other hand, the self-balancing mechanism occurs when you steer or ride your EUC thanks to accelerometers and gyroscopes.

Keep reading to learn more about these components in the E-unicycle self-balancing process.

The self-balancing mechanism in EUCs
The self-balancing mechanism in EUCs

How Does An Electric Unicycle Balance?

A EUC has a straightforward system of an electric engine attached to several parts, including a motherboard, the rim, a rechargeable battery, an accelerometer, and gyroscopes.

Like other electric means of transport, EUCs have an electric motor to propel themselves to draw their power from the battery.

However, these vehicles feature gyroscopes and accelerometers, which help them balance themselves while you ride them.

Regardless of tilting or rotation, the gyroscope can adopt any orientation on its own. Its task is to determine and maintain angular speed and positioning.

It’s interesting to note that regardless of where the wheel is, the rotor can keep rotating in the same direction.

On the other side, the accelerometer controls acceleration when the direction of movement changes.

As a result, the rotor’s whirling will mechanically slow down when it rotates in various directions.

The EUC automatically slows down when moving downhill, preventing it from moving faster due to the force of gravity.

Moreover, electric unicycles use regenerative braking as their built-in braking mechanism, like other electric vehicles.

The way EUCs balance themselves
The way EUCs balance themselves

How Long Do Electric Unicycles Last?

These vehicles don’t have a predetermined lifespan because several factors affect their longevity, such as construction quality, wheel, battery, and the rider’s riding style.

Construction Quality

You will get what you pay for. A poorly built EUC won’t last longer than a model made of high-quality components by a reputable manufacturer.

Therefore, investing in the highest-quality vehicle is best because it has a longer lifespan.


The wheel is one of the essential components of a EUC. You use it to travel on various surfaces.

This component can come with many materials and designs. Choose the type that fits your purpose.

If you keep riding a wheel designed for sidewalk usage over gravel, it will wear down considerably more quickly.

To improve the longevity of the wheel, you must regularly check the air pressure and only use it on smooth surfaces.


Riders are frequently more likely to witness the early signs of failure in the battery.

Larger, more powerful batteries, such as those required to power a EUC, typically deplete more quickly than smaller, less powerful batteries utilized in more minor things.

It would be best if you didn’t run the battery at total capacity all the time. Additionally, make sure you have enough charge in your vehicle.

Rider’s Riding Style

Your habits will be the main factor in determining how long your E-unicycle lasts. The most straightforward way to guarantee that your unicycle remains functional for many years is to take proper care.

The longevity of EUCs
The longevity of EUCs

Do Electric Unicycles Have Suspensions?

Some modern EUC versions come with a suspension system. It brings various benefits but has some drawbacks.

When the wheel travels across unpredictably rugged terrain, riders may access greater traction and more control.

If you enjoy having a sense of control over your ride, an electric unicycle with suspension is the best option.

However, when riding a suspended E-unicycle, the user seldom notices any road bumps.

These EUCs are less effective because of the added weight the suspension mechanisms provide.

Moreover, the constraints in the design require manufacturers to use smaller batteries, thereby lowering the range.

The suspension includes additional moving components, which means more expensive maintenance.

Given the problems mentioned, you might reconsider choosing a EUC with suspension.

How Do You Control An Electric Unicycle?

The E-unicycle is simple to handle. That’s because the rider’s movements can control how this unique vehicle operates.

It’s worth noting that an electric unicycle is built to adapt to allow riders to maintain their equilibrium automatically.

Therefore, your body movement determines this vehicle’s steering, acceleration, and deceleration.

Your electric unicycle moves when you lean forward; it slows down when you lean backward.

If you want to steer your EUC to the left, shift your body weight or tilt slightly in the desired direction. For a right turn, you should take the opposite movement.

If you are a novice rider, you can watch this video to get some tips and advice to control your vehicle:

Tips for controlling EUCs
Tips for controlling EUCs

Wrapping Up

Are electric unicycles self-balancing? Most of these vehicles can balance themselves when you ride them, thanks to their accelerometers and gyroscopes.

Despite the self-balancing mechanism, you should learn all the basics and tricks to master a EUC and avoid injuries while riding.

Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you. If you have further questions, please comment below. Thanks for reading!